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  • Don’t Miss Your Chance to Prevent Cancer

    I have no underlying health conditions and was and am a generally healthy. I am athletic, active, and enjoy time spent outdoors in any capacity. I had some abnormal Pap tests in my early twenties, which was treated with cryo followed by a LEEP. (note: a Papanicolau Test, or Pap test, is a test that looks for […]

  • An Interview with Dr. Jacobson: Mayo Clinic and the HPV Vaccine

    As the person at the helm of Voices for Vaccines, I frequently hear the newest claims made by anti-vaccine activists about the alleged dangers of vaccines. Part of my job is investigating these claims, talking to experts about them, and helping to communicate to parents about which of these claims are valid and which are […]

  • A Teen Speaks Up for Vaccines

    Spreading the word about the benefits of vaccinating children is a personal crusade for my family and me. My mother lost her younger brother to meningitis in 1980, when no life-saving vaccine was available for the disease. I never got to meet my uncle, and my mother’s family suffered unbearably from his death. But, fortunately, […]

  • What HPV Can Do

    It was November 2008 when I got the astounding news that I had abnormal cervical cells. It was meant to be a routine GP appointment. I’d only ever had two sexual partners. I’d just started my teaching career. I was only twenty-two. Maybe that part is what was actually my undoing. You see, the Gardasil […]

  • HPV vaccines and failure to communicate

    My second favorite** part of being a pediatrician is talking with parents about the best ways to keep their kids safe. I spend a lot of time discussing safe sleep habits, or how long to keep their child rear-facing in their car seat (at least two!), or wearing helmets when they are riding bikes and skateboards, […]

  • The Grandma I Wish I Knew

    From what I’ve been told, my maternal grandmother was a vivacious woman, full of life. I have been told many stories about her, but never met her in person. I never knew her because she died young, taken from my mom far too early. My grandmother passed away when I was two years old. My older siblings […]