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  • #ActuallyAutistic Person Speaks on Vaccines

    This is hard to write. How do you write to someone who despises your very existence and yet has never met you? Someone who would rather risk the lives of their children, and other children, rather than run the risk of having a child like me. Someone with autism. My existence is, apparently, a living […]

  • When Will Our Coronavirus Vaccine Arrive?

    The world’s vaccinologists are racing against time to find a safe, effective vaccine to protect against SARS-CoV-2. In our latest Vax Talk episode, we talked to our friend and infectious disease expert, Dr. Stanley Potkin, about how vaccines are typically developed and what is being done now to make the one vaccine the world desperately […]

  • Dear Fellow Parent (An Open Letter About Autism)

    I don’t want to label you an “anti-vaxxer.” That term has so many negative associations, and there is a lot more to you than that one decision. You may have many reasons not to vaccinate, but I heard that fear of your child becoming autistic is one of them. I get that you are scared […]

  • Anal Cancer Awareness and HPV

    Editor’s Note: March 21, 2020 is Anal Cancer Awareness Month. HPV causes a majority (91%) of anal cancers and is preventable through vaccination. Thank you to the Anal Cancer Foundation for allowing us to republish this piece.  On New Year’s Day 2019 my husband and I trekked up to the top of Diamond Hill in […]

  • How do you talk to family and friends about COVID-19

    Have you gotten questions about coronavirus and warm weather? Ibuprofen? Bioweapons? A lot of misinformation and disinformation is circulating concerning COVID-19, and people are unsure how to talk to others about the pandemic. We invited journalist Tara Haelle to talk to us about how to get the best information to your family and friends. See […]

  • Losing a Child: Unless You Lived It, You Don’t Know What It’s Like

    Every year on the anniversary of Kimberly’s death, her mother, Patti, bakes Italian rainbow cookies and places them on the tiny beach she’s created on Kimberly’s gravesite. What must it be like to sit beside your child’s tombstone? What must it feel like to leave her favorite uneaten cookies behind you as you walk away […]

  • I Got Myself Vaccinated

    I am part of a family of five, and neither me nor my siblings received any childhood or adolescent vaccines. My mom is somewhat of a unique anti-vaxxer, in the sense that she believes that the use of vaccinations means we are being too human-centered and are harming other species on the planet as a […]

  • Coronavirus and the Cerveza for Disease Control

    No vaccine for coronavirus exists (yet?), but learning about this newest emerging disease and watching how the epidemic is handled can teach us a lot about public health strategies that include vaccines. So we invited Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University, on to talk about coronavirus. Links from the episode: Interim CDC Flu […]

  • Children with Cancer Need Vaccinated Communities

    I want to tell you about the children that are impacted by those who choose not to vaccinate—children like my 4 year old grandson who has leukemia. His chemotherapy treatment will last 3 ½ years, and by the end, it will wipe out any immunity he had received from vaccinations. He is also immuno-compromised during […]