June 2014

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  • Survey Says!

    A couple of weeks ago, we sent out a survey asking you the various parts of Voices for Vaccines. While this survey is far from scientific, it does reveal some of VFV’s strengths and some ways we need to reintroduce ourselves to you. It turns out that, among those surveyed, people often only have one […]

  • Protecting Those Who Need It Most


    When my son was 3 years old and my daughter 5 months, a woman emailed a local mothers’ listserv and revealed that her son had pertussis. He was unvaccinated.  The mother brought the child to a strip mall where many children who were too young to be fully vaccinated, including my daughter, were present and […]

  • You Can Do Something about Measles Outbreaks


    As of June 13, we have seen 477 measles cases in the United State this year. The number of cases is astounding to anyone who pays attention to the news. Here’s what you need to know about measles, the current outbreak, and the MMR vaccine. 341 of those cases have been in Ohio. It was […]

  • I was Duped by the Anti-Vaccine Movement


    My journey into the anti-vaccination scene began when I became pregnant with my one and only child. It all started when I watched the documentary The Business of Being Born and decided to pursue a home-birth midwife. After months of searching, I found one in my area who agreed to take me under her care. […]

  • Vaccine Injury Stories: the Sacred Cows of the Internet?


    When I first started looking into vaccines, I had no idea that an anti-vaccine movement even existed. I came across claims that the vaccines were toxic and dangerous; the diseases, it was claimed, were not. I have some background in science, so I was able to dismiss those claims as inaccurate, but I couldn’t help […]

  • From Anti-Vax to Pro-Vax: Natural Parenting Perspective


    Almost seven years ago my journey in motherhood began. My son was born into this world in our bedroom, though it left him scarred (a severe obstetric brachial plexus injury). And while he should have been whisked away to a hospital and promptly given a Vitamin K shot (he was a severe shoulder dystocia with major hematoma on his […]