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  • When It’s Not a Choice: Measles and Leukemia

    Prior to our son’s possible exposure to measles, I did not think about how my choice to vaccinate my children affected anyone but my own child. But when measles was brought close to my son Ben, my insulated view was shattered. My decision about vaccination could impact anyone my children would come in contact with […]

  • Advocating for Benjamin

    It might seem like a simple thing to most people. You bring your child to the pediatrician, he or she say it’s time to get your child’s scheduled shots. You get those vaccines and leave. To me, that is what was always done. That is just what we did. I have three children. My daughters […]

  • Please Help Me Keep My Children Healthy

    I need your help. “Herd immunity” or, as I much prefer, “community immunity” is not just a vague idea for my family:  it is literally what keeps my kids from getting sick. Let me explain. We have four sons. Their names are Harrison (13), Holden (9), Langford (9)—yes, they are twins!—and Davis (8).  Harrison, Holden, […]

  • Proud to be Part of the Herd

    I was a scientist long before I became a mother. My interest began when I was a young girl roaming the forests with my father, and was fueled by high school biology classes. I went on to study biology and chemistry in college. By the time I gave birth to my first child, I knew […]

  • Protecting Jude

    Jude looked up at me with an expression of incredulous shock. She was being hurt and I was standing there doing nothing about it! At two months old, she couldn’t know how thrilled I was that she was receiving her first round of vaccines. Of course, I wasn’t happy to see her little face scrunch […]